Brothers Keeper Kicks Twitter Influencer, Motara Out Of Their Group After Allegedly Mocking A Child Beggar

Nigerian Twitter influencer, Motara who was filmed making fun of a child beggar has lost membership of an organization she’s part of.

Earlier today, NaijaPrey News reported that Motara triggered outrage after she was filmed enticing a child beggar with a bottle of drink only to leave her hanging.

An organization she was part of, Brothers Keepers has now suspended her from her duty as PRO and removed her from the organization.

Announcing on Twitter, the group wrote;

“Brotherskeeper is an organisation that believes in humanitarian services and not the contrary. Due to this, we regret to announce that @ladymotara is no longer a member of Brotherskeeper and has been suspended from her duty as the Pro henceforth. The reason for this decision stems from a viral video circulating on social media of our PRO making fun of a beggar in her car while driving and sipping her drink.

This act goes contrary to what our great organization stands for and believes in; therefore, it has been condemned in all sincerity. She is hereby directed to handover every documents of the Brotherskeeper organisation in her custody. We wish her good luck in her endeavours. Brotherskeeper will never be in support of any degrading or dehumanising act. We stand for love, tolerance and much more.”

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